• “Done” is better than perfect

    I finally launched the site! Sort of.

    There’s a lot I want to do, but part of this project is to commit myself to using the Full Site Editor of WordPress exclusively—no custom theming. Because the FSE experience isn’t robust enough, I’m also using a toolset from my friends at Easily Amused, Block Styles. That means I’m learning two new tools.

    What I love about Block Styles is how it does things the WordPress way – everything feels native. Other page builders have great feature sets but don’t feel like WordPress. Their goal is to replace WordPress, whereas Block Styles augments WordPress. I believe they’ll also be removing features as they are implemented in Core, but don’t quote me on that.

    So, what’s this about done then?

    Because I needed to launch, both for an event and my sanity, I decided on a primarily complete version. Some of the decorative elements I want may still need custom CSS, and I need to figure out the best path forward. The same goes for things like the blog page’s display of categories. The good news is I’ll be documenting all of it here!

    Until then, here’s a brief preview of the finished design:

    Preview of the new site design. It has additional flourishes compared to the current state of this website including an ivy border along the header and footer as well as custom labels for categories that also feature icons.
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