Letter To Myself: Setting My 2024 Goals

Hey Alexis, 

It’s me. Or…you. The old you. It’s December 31st, 2023, and you’re ending what I truly believe is going to be the best year of our life. I can’t wait to see if I’m right. To make 2024 the best year we’ve seen, I’ve set out a few goals for us.


My word for the year is “consistency.” For years, I’ve struggled with being consistent due to my undiagnosed ADHD and my diabetes being out of control. Now that I’m properly medicated, there’s no excuse for me to not be consistent. I’ve even started working on this already with small daily tasks – daily Duolingo and making the bed every day. That may seem simple to most people, but for someone like me, getting over 30 days in a row has felt like a massive win. As of this filming I’m at 37 days (in a row)!

Now I know I can stay consistent with some things. It’s time to push forward with more.

The YouTube Channel

Prior to getting sick, I was doing well with one video a week, released on Thursdays. I’d love to get back to that. And I will, starting after my birthday in early January. 

Ideally, you’ll actually get a second video if I can get my podcast with Zoe Jane launched soon. The idea behind the podcast is to be more opinionated on issues facing the trans community while tying back to the other weekly video.

Beyond that, you’ll see regular Shorts/Reels/TikToks again. Not just regular but daily videos on weekdays. I tested some AI editing software I may continue with, but I also have some fun plans for more creative content. Some of them will even tie in to the weekly video. They’ll give me the outlet I need to experiment and stretch my creativity a bit. If it works, great! If it, no worries. It’s a place to fail with less pressure.

To make that happen, I’m attempting batch filming and filming in advance. We’ve experimented with this idea a bit on Monster Gathering to mixed results. I hope to take the lessons I’ve learned and make this process work.


Those of you who don’t know me well may be surprised to learn my college degree is in Game Design & Development. I have credits in a few EA Sports titles including Madden 07 for PS3. I have a deep passion for gaming, but I’m often too busy to play.

Monster Gathering has pushed me to play Pokémon games, but I’m making more of an effort to play other games too. I’ve even started a new gaming channel where I’m streaming twice a week. I’ve started with Super Mario RPG for Switch and Disney Dreamlight Valley, but will be adding to those games soon. I’m also playing a bunch for fun and it has been incredibly refreshing for my mental health.


Before I got sick, I launched my personal website. Sadly, I never updated it. I’m actually reworking it and plan to start writing a daily journal piece as another consistency task and a way to work on my mental health. 

I’m also hoping to do a weekly article tied to the videos. By batch filming and doing things in advance, I’ll have the opportunity to do more with this concept and hopefully reach more people. My goal with everything I do is to help as many people as I can, whether that is by generating understanding of trans people or by helping new trans folks start their journey with transitioning.

Looking Forward

So…that was a lot. But I know you can handle it. You’ve done an amazing so far with the adjustments to your routine and this the natural extension of that. 

You’ve got this. And friends, so do you. Your 2024 goals, whatever they are, are nothing compared to your resolve and attitude. Head into the new year ready to accomplish great things.

Until next time, have courage. And be kind. Especially to yourself.