• Nothing Is Stopping You From Transitioning

    A few days ago, an online friend put out a call for advice on transitioning. She framed the question around the idea that her wife wasn’t supportive and that fully transitioning meant she’d end up broke and homeless. As someone who has been broke, homeless, and divorced that upset me a bit. I see this […]

  • COVID Sucks, eh?

    This COVID round has been kicking my ass more than expected. I ended up spending about half my week in bed exhausted and a good 25% of the rest on the couch screaming in pain over sinus pressure. Needless to say, no blogs or videos have happened, but important life announcements are coming soon. Life […]

  • I got COVID again

    No burying the lede this time around. I missed yesterday’s journal because I managed to get a final birthday present over the weekend, COVID! While it seems to be mild, my brain’s been fuzzy since yesterday so I’m taking the next few days off to rest (Lindsey’s orders). I’ll be back on Monday with the […]

  • Learning About Myself

    Today’s prompt comes from Made Out of Stars by Meeta Lee Patel. I found it at Five Below of all places, along with another of Patel’s guided journals and decided why not? Unlike yesterday’s prompt, they’re not dated or very specific, which should give these daily entries a bit more variety. What are you learning […]

  • This Year Will Be: Week 1

    I’m kicking off 2024 with a series of journaling projects. I’ll be mixing a few different guided journals together as none of them have specific daily prompts, but one has a weekly prompt. Every Monday, we’ll kick things off with that prompt. I’m also taking weekends off as I want to keep weeks free for […]

  • Letter To Myself: Setting My 2024 Goals

    Hey Alexis,  It’s me. Or…you. The old you. It’s December 31st, 2023, and you’re ending what I truly believe is going to be the best year of our life. I can’t wait to see if I’m right. To make 2024 the best year we’ve seen, I’ve set out a few goals for us. Consistency My […]